•  Old World Christmas Sunglasses Glass Ornament
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    Old World Christmas

    Old World Christmas Sunglasses Glass Ornament

    Old World Christmas Sunglasses Glass Ornament Years ago, Chinese judges wore smoke-colored lenses to conceal their eye expressions in court to appear impartial. In 1929, Sam Foster, sold the first pair of Foster Grant sunglasses on the Boardwalk in...
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    Kurt S Adler Co

    10" Santa Snoopy Nutcracker

    Cue the Peanuts fans! Kurt Adler Snoopy nutcracker is an adorable addition to your holiday decor. This Snoopy comes in a red nutcracker suit. Standing atop a matching red base, Snoopy is dressed up for the holidays and holding a wrapped present in his...
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    Good Tidings

    100CT Brown Wire Mini Lights

    This line features 2. 5 volt super bright bulbs, end-to-end plugs and 3in bulb spacing. Super brights are great for both your indoor and outdoor decorating needs.
  • 100LT Mult Icicle Light
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    100LT Mult Icicle Light

    LED icicle lights are quickly making a name for themselves in the decorating world. These multi-colored LED icicle lights are environmentally friendly, highly durable and able to maintain professional display even in harsh weather conditions. Create a...
  • 18 Inch Moravian Star
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    18 Inch Moravian Star

    18 Inch Moravian Star The original stars displayed 26 points in two colors frequently associated with the Moravian Church: red and white. The star has been used to carry a significant message. The star itself symbolizes Jesus Christ who came into the...
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    National Tree Co-Import

    2 Ft Noble Spruce Tree with LED Lights, Pack of 1, Assorted Bases

    Decorate your home with these chic 2 foot artificial spruce trees. Choose from an assortment of three different bases, ranging from burgundy, tartan, or gold. Decorated with battery operated LED lights with timer. The tree features 71 tips and is 15...