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Every successful project starts with the right supplies. Whether you're gardening indoors or beautifying your outdoor landscape, you can rely on these products to make every project a success!

Bird Feeders

Esbenshade's Potting Soil

We mix it, we use it, we recommend it. Satisfaction guaranteed! Our own mix of: Peat, Perlite, Pine Bark, and Lime mixed onsite in Lancaster County, PA by our soil professionals.

Bird Feeders

Esbenshade's Transplant Root Stimulator

Our blend of 5-10-5 fertilizer is the perfect natural growth formula and is exactly what your plants need to grow strong and beautiful.

Bird Feeders

Garden Elements Cocoa Mulch

100% natural mulch made from the outer shell of cocoa beans. No added colors or fragrances! Use on flower beds, potted plants, and much more.

Customer Favorites

Our customers have used these again and again to enrich each gardening project.

Bird Feeders

Bumper Crop Potting Soils & Soil Builders

Soil and soil builders that contain only the finest natural and organic ingredients.

Bird Feeders

Espoma Soils, Fertilizers & Soil Amendments

A brand of organic products to treat every need of all your plants both indoors and outdoors.  

Bird Feeders

Wiggle Worm Earthworm Castings

100% pure earthworm castings promote optimum plant growth for all your plants.

Bird Feeders

Fox Farm Soils, Fertilizers & more

Ensure the health of a wide variety of plants and bountiful harvests by using these organic soils and fertilizers.

Bird Feeders

ECOPOTS Planters & Saucers

Sustainable pots and planters made from recycled materials. Durable, lightweight, and UV resistant.

Bird Feeders

Coast of Maine Soils & Fertilizers

Potting Soils, growing mixes, composts... this brand is comprehensive with soils and fertilizers for all types of plants.

Bird Feeders

Novelty Planters & Saucers

Functional, high-quality pots and planters to use indoors and outdoors, for flowers or veggies, made in Lancaster, PA!

Bird Feeders

Monterey Sluggo

This two-in-one slug and snail killer is a great alternative to traditional baits and is completely safe to use around wildlife and pets.

Armstrong Bird Food

Armstrong - Canada’s Premier Bird Food: "We’re the reason birds fly North”. Feed a wide variety of wild birds with the quality food they need and have them come back again and again for more delicious meals! All varieties available online. Select varieties available in stores

Backyard Birding

Trays Pots and Domes

Bird Feeders

Our selection includes feeders for a large variety of wild birds plus feeders that are squirrel proof.

Peat Pots

Bird Food

Feed and seed of all kinds. Loose feed, nyger seed, peanuts, and more for local wild birds.

Peat Pots

Bird Baths

A great way to attract wild birds to your yard is to provide fresh drinking and clean bathing water.

Mini Greenhouses


Cozy place to shelter from harsh weather and raise young. Shop pre-assembled houses or DIY kits.

In-Store Shopping

Visit our stores in Lititz PA, Mohnton PA, and Fleetwood PA!  


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