Bird Bath Heaters

Bird baths require fresh water for bathing and drinking all year round. Adding a heating element to your bird bath will entice birds to appear at your feeders as they will have access to both food and water. Birds will eat snow over the winter months, but it does reduce their body heat. Plus our little feathered friends love to take a warm bath!


Suggested tips:


- Safety is key when placing a heating element in your bird bath. Be sure there are no broken or worn out wires going to the bird bath heater.


- Dark colored bird bath heaters will absorb heat from the sun and warm the water much faster.


- Bird bath heaters should be placed in the bird bath before frost. Birds that are surprised by cold weather will be thankful you were prepared with your bird bath heater!


Bird Bath Heaters:


-The De-Icer C-50 is a thermostatically controlled unit that will only turn on when temperatures drop below freezing.


- The De-Icer 44Watt has a unique patterned heater that is enclosed in thermal foil and is safe for all bird baths. It keeps water from freezing using only 44 watts of electricity!


If you want to attract birds and let them entertain you in the winter months, bird bath heaters are the trick!