Choosing the Right Bird Feeder

Attract a variety of birds to your backyard by having a collection of bird feeders. Tube feeders hold Nyjer (thistle seed) while, Hoppers and Platform feeders hold peanuts and black-oil sunflower seeds. Suet, fruits, mealworms, nectar and water will attract an array of birds.


Common Backyard Birds and their Feeder Preferences:


Blue Titmouse- Chickadee feeders hung in or near a tree, filled with a Chickdee mix will increase your chances of seeing this bird in your back yard. A Chickadee feeder will allow birds work all the seed holes.


American Goldfinch- Tube finch feeders filled with nyjer seed or hulled sunflower seeds will attract this bird to your backyard. Finch feeders have small openings to reduce seeds from spilling. Short perches and tiny holes make these tube feeders the choice of finches.


Baltimore Oriole- You can attract this bird to your backyard by setting out orange halves or grape jelly on a fruit feeder. Fill Oriole feeders with sugar water; a sweet treat for this feathered friend.


Northern Cardinal- Cardinals are bashful birds. Placing a covered, platform feeder near shrubs or trees, filled with a Cardinal mix with increase your chances of viewing this bird in your backyard.


Chickadees- Chickadee feeders hung in or near a tree, filled with a Chickdee mix will increase your chances of seeing this bird in your back yard. Suet feeders also draw the Chickadee to backyards.


Towhee- Filling a platform feeder or tray with Lyric Supreme bird food will appeal to the Towhee. Placing a ground feeder near underbrush, filled with seed and insects, away from any disturbances, will also help your chances of seeing this bird in your backyard.


House Finch- This bird can easily be attracted to your yard by placing sunflower seeds in a finch feeder. A finch feeder complete with nyjer seed will delight this bird.


Purple Finch- You can almost guarantee this bird in your backyard by offering black-oil sunflower seeds. Finch feeders filled with Lyric finch mix will call to this bird even on the windiest of days.


Woodpecker- A woodpecker feeder filled with a woodpecker mix or sunflower seeds will call to this bird. Suet is also a favorite of the Woodpecker.


White-Breasted Nuthatch- Woodpecker feeders are perfect for the nuthatch. It allows their long bills and tongues to get bits of food. Fill with a woodpecker mix.


  Other ways to keep birds in your yard:


Remember to keep your feathered friends safe by providing clean feeders away from outdoor cats. All feeders should be at least 3 feet away from windows to reduce window collisions. Birds are mostly likely to visit your yard all year-round when you provide habitat, food, water and nest boxes.