F.M. Brown's (#118552) Bird Lover's Blend No Squirrel Just Birds, 5-lb bag

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F.M. Brown's (#118552) Bird Lover's Blend No Squirrel Just Birds, 5-Pound

Product features

  • Designed to keep pesky squirrels out of the feeders
  • Spicy Chili Powder is blended in to coat the seed and then crushed hot red peppers are added
  • Contains premium white safflower seeds that squirrels find bitter tasting but birds love
  • Natural And Preservative-Free
  • Made in the USA

Birds Love It Squirrels Don't! That's because our special blend is packed with natural ingredients that birds love and squirrels don't! Birds love our premium white safflower seeds, but squirrels find them bitter tasting. Plus F.M. Brown has added spicy chili peppers. Birds don't have the spicy sensation when eating chili peppers, but mammals do. Chili peppers are a great source of vitamins and nutrition for birds, but squirrels and other mammals that do not like the fiery hot taste soon learn to look elsewhere for food. It may take some time to work, but visible signs that it's working will include squirrels spending less time at the feeder, rubbing their faces and mouths and shaking their heads. We recommend an alternative feeding station for squirrels nearby to help distract them from your bird feeders.

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Wild Bird
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