Jonathan Green (#11457) Lawn Moss Control, 20# bag (covers 5,000 sq ft)

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  • Jonathan Green (#11457) Lawn Moss Control, 20# bag (covers 5,000 sq ft)
  • Jonathan Green (#11457) Lawn Moss Control, 20# bag (covers 5,000 sq ft)
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Lawn moss is no match for Jonathan Green’s Lawn Moss Control.

  • Kills lawn moss in hours
  • Easy to spread micro-particles for complete coverage
  • 50% more active ingredient than other moss control products
  • Effective on all types of moss
  • When to use:  Spring, Summer, Early Fall
  • Application Temperature Range:  50° – 80°F
  • Not for use when seeding

Jonathan Green Lawn Moss Control kills lawn moss quickly with its easy-to-apply micro-particles that guarantee even application and improved performance. It can be used any time of year when moss is present and becoming a problem. This product contains specially formulated iron which will only kill the moss while greening up the lawn. Due to the high concentration of iron, keep this product off of concrete, driveways, and patios where it can stain.

This fast-acting product will eliminate the existing moss but to prevent moss from growing back, the underlying soil issues must be resolved as well. Moss appears in lawns for three important reasons: acidic soil with a low pH, hard compacted soil, and lack of sunlight. To help prevent moss from growing back in the future, apply original Mag-I-Cal to raise the soil pH or Mag-I-Cal Plus for Lawns in Acidic & Hard Soil to also relieve soil compaction and stimulate soil microbes.

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