Sweet-Seed Sweet-Nectar Ready-to-Use Bag Hummingbird Nectar, 1.5L

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Give your friendly neighborhood humming birds high quality and natural food so that they can remain beautiful and happy!

  • NATURALLY INFUSED WITH WHAT HUMMINGIRDS CRAVE: Infused with chemical free, steam-distilled wildflower waters, naturally made from the most desirable food sources that hummingbirds actively seek out in nature.
  • EVERYTHING YOUR HUMMINGBIRDS NEED: All of our nectars are made with pure cane sugar and carefully fortified with calcium and electrolytes to help aid healthy eggshell growth and eliminate dehydration.
  • WITH NOTHING THEY DO NOT NEED: Our nectars are always dye-free and packed in our uniquely made stay fresh pouch at a high temperature for maximum shelf life, and without the need for harmful preservatives or additives.
  • JUST POUR AND SERVE: Our pre formulated ready-to-use hummingbird food takes all the guesswork out of feeding your hummers.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSABLE PACKAGING: Our unique pouch allows for up to 85% reduced carbon footprint, is fully recyclable, is FDA compliant, BPA free, and keeps your nectar fresh long after opened.

All-natural, dye-free, wild flower-infused ready-to-use hummingbird nectar. Fortified with calcium to promote healthy egg development and electrolytes to aid in the prevention of dehydration. Absolutely no harmful preservatives.

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44 Reviews

  • 5
    Hummingbird nectar

    Our hummingbirds LOVE this mixture. They never flocked to my sugar and water mix like this!!!

  • 5
    Hummingbirds LOVE this product.

    I have 5 hummingbird feeders off my back deck. 2 with this product in it and the rest with the power you have to mix with water. My hummingbirds absolutely LOVE this nectar by far. They fight over the feeders with this nectar in it and only go to the other feeders if this one is out. Trust me they let me know about it to!

  • 5
    Hummingbirds love this stuff!!

    And I like it too, because it's soooo easy - ready-to-serve. I do keep the bag in the refrigerator once opened, and stays fresh as long as needed in this vacuum pouch. Wonderfully simple, and I like that it's good for the birds too!!

  • 5
    The hummingbirds love it!

    Hummingbirds wouldn't come near my feeder this year till I filled it with this food. There are at least three birds circling at any time. They absolutely love it! I've never had so much action at the feeder.

  • 5
    I've got the pickiest little lady hummingbird -- and I finally found the nectar she likes!

    I live on the 14th floor, and hummingbirds do come by, but not as frequently as if I lived on the ground level. For the past week, there's been a female hummingbird checking out my feeder, but she hasn't liked ANYTHING I've put out. (She even adds insult to injury by hovering zipping across the balcony looking for me to give me a piece of her mind, lol) I've changed the nectar daily, and I must have tried three different kinds at least -- including the ones the less picky hummers have always liked. FINALLY, today, I put this out for the first time. She's been by twice in the last 20 minutes! And she sticks around, too. I don't think she realizes how committed I am to this relationship (ha ha!), but I'm relieved. Happy birdo, happy me :-)

  • 5
    Large size to use longer

    My birds are happy. I don't have to go to home store and buying smaller unit. This is convenient

  • 5
    My spoiled hummingbirds won't drink anything else!

    My hummingbirds love this nectar, I just wish it wasn't so pricy! But the entertainment I get from them makes it worth it. Mine overwinter and I'm sure part of the reason is I supply this nectar year-round.

  • 5
    Birds love it!!

    Nothing to do but keep your feeder cleaned and full with a 3-day supply for your birds!!

  • 5
    Hummingbird favorite every time!

    Super easy to use. I refrigerate after opening. Clean out frequently. Birds will come for this even if avoiding other brands.

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