Twinkly Strings App-Controlled LED Christmas Lights with RGB+W (16 Million Colors + Warm White) LEDs

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  • Twinkly Strings App-Controlled LED Christmas Lights with RGB+W (16 Million Colors + Warm White) LEDs
  • Twinkly Strings App-Controlled LED Christmas Lights with RGB+W (16 Million Colors + Warm White) LEDs
  • Twinkly Strings App-Controlled LED Christmas Lights with RGB+W (16 Million Colors + Warm White) LEDs
  • Twinkly Strings App-Controlled LED Christmas Lights with RGB+W (16 Million Colors + Warm White) LEDs
  • Twinkly Strings App-Controlled LED Christmas Lights with RGB+W (16 Million Colors + Warm White) LEDs
  • Twinkly Strings App-Controlled LED Christmas Lights with RGB+W (16 Million Colors + Warm White) LEDs
  • Twinkly Strings App-Controlled LED Christmas Lights with RGB+W (16 Million Colors + Warm White) LEDs
  • Twinkly Strings App-Controlled LED Christmas Lights with RGB+W (16 Million Colors + Warm White) LEDs
$139.99 - $249.99


Create the ultimate lighting decorations with smart, addressable LED lights Twinkly Strings and explore virtually unlimited ways to transform your space with light and color       

Key Product Features

  • Enjoy setup in a matter of seconds via Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi, manage your lights with the free Twinkly app (iOS and Android), group multiple devices, set automated playlists, switch your lights on and off, apply timers, dim them and adjust their brightness, and much more               
  • Unleash your creativity with endless preset effects and animations, create your own personalized ones using the FX Wizard on the Twinkly App, or virtually draw effects on your lights with your finger.
  • Use your imagination and any shade, gradient, hue or tint of 16 million colors and white light to create the ultimate decorative lighting          
  • Use your weatherproof lights all year round both indoors and outdoors. Create the perfect lighting for the merriest Christmas, the spookiest Halloween, and the most memorable parties and celebrations including weddings, BBQs and birthdays
  • Watch your lights dance to Twinkly Music (sold separately), a smart USB-powered sound sensor that interprets ambient music and sounds in your space and applies synchronized colors and effects to your lights         

Take decorative lighting to a whole new level with smart LED lights Twinkly Strings. Whether you want flawless party lighting, the right task lighting for working or studying, or are setting up your Christmas and holiday decor, Strings has you covered. Available in multiple lengths and with various numbers of bulbs, these premium, app-controlled, addressable LEDs were designed for extraordinary brightness and color quality in over 16 million colors and a full range of white light from warm white to cool white. Perfect for use both indoors and outdoors.

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Smart Lighting
String Lights
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43 Reviews

  • 5
    Coolest LED's Ever

    Posted by tbp205 on Nov 20th 2022

    A friend of mine introduced me to these lights last year. I thought I would try them out on a new tree we got. Our tree is 7 ft tall and the base is 28 in. It's a very skinny tree for limited space we have. The pre-lit tree just doesn't do it for us anymore, so here we are with the "Twinkly" light set. For our specific tree since it's small, we purchased the 250 light set, which was perfect. The only problem is connecting to wi-fi. It's currently connected to my cell phone directly, but if I wanted it on our network, I need to configure it to the home wi-fi which will not connect to it. These lights are 2.4 Ghz which is compatible with my system, or should be. However it just doesn't like it. After Thanksgiving, I'll dive into it further to see why it won't connect. Otherwise, they are very cool. Lots of presets. You can customize them yourself as well. The only way it can get better is having a gigantic tree and multiple light sets on it. THAT would be awesome!

  • 5
    Twinkly Light

    Posted by Lawrence P Meehan on Nov 14th 2022

    Easy to use and setup.

  • 5
    Best light set yet

    Posted by Endless Summer on Oct 31st 2022

    Someone asked if these lights are still worth getting, if you don't buy the curtain lights version: Yes! I hung my string, not curtain lights, across a balcony railing, 2 purposely uneven, crossing, swag designs; horizontal, only 1/3 the way down and while you won't get say, a Halloween pumpkin face or Christmas presents design with the string lights, you will get, even with the preset or download designs, many amazing patterns and sophsticated combinations of colors, besides being able to widely choose your own.So far, as I bought mine not long ago-except for the initial trying them out for different multicolor combinations, I have only used these for the month leading up to Halloween yet, and with just choosing 2 colors for October; orange and purple or just all orange or all purple, I did 2 weeks of changing the patterns each night, before I repeated any of them. One night I used the "Scanner" pattern on a dimmer light level of purple and with the lights just 1/3 the way down the railing, it gave the unintended but wonderful, abstract look of small misty purple ghosts going back and forth and fading out at the tail end as they go across the railing.As another review noted, the "fire" preset pattern, while it only shows flame shapes on the curtain lights version, on the string lights version, it shows a delightful and unexpected combination of colors that look very autumn-like.There is a wide choice of brightness or dimming levels, speed or slowness levels, along with the choice of manypatterns. There's a very wide choice of colors, including actual orange for Halloween, not just gold, and shades of purple, not just blue, but of course, shades blue and gold colors are available on this set, too.When you first start, you "map" the lights, by hanging them in any direction or pattern or way that you choose, then point and also scan-move your camera through the app, along your string, to get the entire string "mapped," until all lights turn a certain color, which may take a few times; no big deal, considering the results you get, after you're done and then can start choosing your colors and patterns.Once set, you can also change individual lights to the colors you want or choose from many presets or download colors and patterns made by other people. I tried out many color shades, tints and patterns, when my set arrived; even mapping them while they were still bundled and was amazed with the results, even then. The bundles come gathered with velcro straps; a nice touch.What could be improved?:Only 16 patterns at a time can be saved; a lot more would help.These lights, as coming with 2 strings attached to the works at the center instead at one end, is just plain weird. As they are long, I put that center at one end of my railing at the outlet, & then placed each string up on the railing going to the other end, one at a time along the railing to avoid tangling them.There are a few patterns included that don't let you change the colors for them; most give you many color options.I have not yet tried the timer, as it's fun to just point my phone at them outside while I'm inside as a remote, as they are close enough. I wish the setting where you can choose individual light colors had as the image of your lights configuration, one that could be enlarged on your phone to make it easier to hone in.These aren't major concerns and these dazzling lights are the best lights on the market, as of now-late 2022. I also have bought the current longest string version; 600 lights, for my Christmas tree later, and expect to be further amazed.This is an investment; costs more than other strings; worth it if they last. I changed from my previous light set, as that one, though it had many-not as many-very nice colors and patterns, quit after having them up, off and on, for not quite 2 fall-spring holiday seasons, so I wasn't going to get the same again and hope these ones are longer lived. I also wanted to be able to have my own choices with color combinations and dimmer levels.

  • 5
    Best ever

    Posted by sarah kelly on Jun 21st 2022

    Love, love, love these lights! Their the best thing since sliced bread!

  • 5
    a bit expensive

    Posted by Eric on Feb 23rd 2022

    slightly expensive but worth because I have them lit all year around in my room. it is magical

  • 5
    Twinkly problems successfully diagnosed and fixed

    Posted by Mike D. on Jan 7th 2022

    The problem you face may not have to do with Twinkly lights at all. Background: Last year I purchased Special Edition 250 Twinkly string for a small Christmas tree. It worked fine. So this year I purchased 2 additional Special Edition 250 strings this year. I placed all three strings on a 7.5 foot tree for a total of 750 lights on the tree. I linked them up and mapped them. And that is when the "fun" began. For some reason, the controller memory would get messed up and what was supposed to be linked became unlinked. A third of the tree would play a new effect while the other 2/3s of the tree would be playing the basic rainbow effect. I would reset, link, unlink, reset again to no avail. I would upgrade the firmware and upgrade the software and the problems still persisted. I tried every combo I could think of nothing worked. The individual effects were the only feature I could get to work for a limited time. I used android and apple phones...nothing worked....I was convinced this was a Twinkly problem. I then exchanged the newer WiFi access point provided by my internet provider to my old wifi access point. That one change corrected everything...just by changing wifi access point the Twinkly lights worked perfectly. I don't know if my internet service provider was throttling the signal or not on their equipment. But what I do know is all the problems went away with a different Wifi access point. Oh yes .... the Christmas Tree looked great!!

  • 5
    Does everything you could want Christmas lights to do

    Posted by ChrisWGerber on Dec 31st 2021

    Really impressed with all the features of the app. Very bright, work well with Alexa, and easy to set up.

  • 5
    I'm obsessed with these lights!!

    Posted by Pamela on Dec 28th 2021

    The best thing I've ever bought for my tree!!! I love everything about them!! Will buy again!!

  • 5
    These lights are awesome

    Posted by CT on Dec 9th 2021

    Great colours and brightness and colour effects in the app.

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