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Current Availability - 06/17/2019 (excel file no pricing)

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Email: sales@esbenshades.com
Updated 06/14/19

10" Petunia Wave Hanging Baskets
10" Gerbera Daisy Baskets
10" Combo Sun Hanging Baskets
10" Combo Shade Hanging Baskets
10" Spider Plant Hanging Baskets
10"Geranium & Vinca Hanging Baskets
10" Lantana Hanging Baskets
10" Petunia Hanging Baskets

10" Portulaca Hanging Baskets

10" Scaevola Hanging Baskets

12" Begonia Boliviensis Asst. Baskets

12" Combp Shade Hanging Baskets


4.25" Cuphea FloriGlory Diana

4.5" Begonia Dragon Wings

6.5" Begonia Dragon Wings

16cm Petunia Sweet Miss Marvelous GE

3.25" STEPABLES® Lindernia grandiflora

3.25" STEPABLES® Mentha requienii

3.25" STEPABLES® Sagina Subulata

3.25" STEPABLES® Sedum John Creech

10" Patio Pot for Sun

#1G Astilbe Little Visions in Pink

#1G Astilbe Youniq Carmine

#1G Hemerocallis Stella D'Oro

#1G Heuchera Kira Arizona

#1G Heuchera Kira Jersey

#1G Hosta Albo Marginata

#1G Hosta Francee

#1G Rudbeckia Little Goldstar

1201 Sedum Mix