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Current Availability - 08/19/2019 (excel file no pricing)

Phone: 717-626-7000
Email: sales@esbenshades.com
Updated 08/16/19

4" mums

4" Mums

6" Mums

6" Mums

6.5" Cabbage

6.5" Celosia Intenz - Assorted

6.5" Celosia Intenze Lipstick

6.5" Dianthus

6.5" Kale

6.5" Lantana

6.5" Ornamental Pepper Blaze

6.5" Ornamental Pepper Chilly Chili

6.5" Ornamental Pepper Burrito

6.5" Ornamental Pepper Sedona

6.5" Ornamental Pepper Red Missile

6.5" Ornamental Peppers Wicked

8" Asters

9" Mums

9" Mums

12" Mums

12" Mums

12" Mum Hanging Baskets

1 Gal Sunflowers

1201 Succulent Crassula Mix

1201 Succulent Thimble Cactus

2801 Succulent Rosette Mix

2801 Succulent Thimble Cactus

5.5" Succulent Rhipsalis Hairy Hanging Baskets

10" Square Sedum Mat

#1G Dianthus Jolt Pink

#1G Heucherella Kirella Fresh Green