BioPlex Ultimate Plant Maintenance Granules

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  • Package size: 20 lb Bag
  • Product Type: Fertilizer, Biostimulant, Soil & Root Inoculant, Soil & Bio-Habitat Amendment
  • Contains: Composted Organic Fertilizer, Humates, BioCHAR, Diatomaceous Earth, Endo-EctoMycorrhiza, PGIR (Plant Growth Inducing Rhizobacteria), L-Amio Acid, Seaweed Extract, Fish Emulsion.
  • Special Feature(s): Homogeneous dry formulation – every particle contains 100% of the entire ingredient complex, when spread, the complete ingredient complex distributes evenly over the entire target area.


BioPlex Ultimate Plant Maintenance Granules have been engineered to effectively support the sustainability of the "Plant/Soil/ Biological Pyramidal Matrix" - the foundation of all dynamic and sustainable ecosystems.

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