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True Organic Granular All Purpose Plant Food

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  • True Organic Granular All Purpose Plant Food
  • True Organic Granular All Purpose Plant Food
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True Organic All-Purpose Plant Food is an Organic Mix of all natural plant foods with a 5-4-5 formula which provides the perfect start for your sprightly spring veggies & greens!

Key Product Features

  • Contains an EXTRA 4% Calcium & 1% Sulfur to give your plants an additional nutrient blast
  • Gives your tomatoes the super powers to produce large, delicious fruits
  • Excellent for growing all of your favorite flowering and budding plants!
  • Includes an exclusive blend of proven farm-grade ingredients for plants, soil and microbes, including Poultry Manure, Fish Bone Meal, Potash, Soybean Meal, Seabird Guano, Shrimp and Crab Shell Meal

Unlike conventional fertilizers, True Organic products replenish the soil, helping to restore the Earth for future generations and keeping your own backyard biome truly organic. For best results: Mix in your garden & around your plants and apply monthly during the growing season. For use in-ground and container plants, including houseplants and raised garden beds for ORGANIC production.

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