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Green it Turf Maize Corn Gluten Liquid Fertilizer Spray, 64-Ounce Coverage 2000sqft, 10 Liters

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Grown by nature and engineered for top performance!

Key Product Features

  • Sprayable water soluble corn gluten fertilizer
  • Covers more area compared to granular or powdered corn gluten
  • Processed from Canadian corn, it has an added organic nitrogen source for a quick green up
  • Covers 1000sq/ft per Liter
  • You will receive a 64 ounce container

Grown by nature, engineered for performance. Turf-maize liquid corn gluten fertilizer is truly a plant-based wonder. The ingredients in the product are protein powered nutrients which gives applicators a sprayable plant-based method to fertilize and thicken lawns to keep out weeds. Corn gluten is a by-product of starch production, a renewable and environmentally conscious resource. Turf-maize liquid corn gluten is treated with a proprietary mix of enzymes and concentrated for the ultimate corn gluten power. Finally, a natural based product designed for personal and professional use with all the benefits of corn gluten meal, in sprayable form. Do not apply to newly seeded lawns or gardens as seed germination may be affected.

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