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Heath Owl Design Metal Mesh Dual Seed and Suet Bird Feeder

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Show your feathered friends some love with this adorable and easy to use bird feeder!
Key Product Features
  • Mesh design allows for a large area for feeding
  • Center compartment holds up to 2 suet cakes - feeder can hold suet and seed at the same time
  • Attracts finches, chickadees, and woodpeckers which are sometimes hard to get to come to your yard
  • Top door makes filling the feeder with larger feed such as peanuts easy!
Attract A Variety Of Birds with this attractive Owl Design Seed/Suet feeder. Mix and match suet and seed types. Feed 2 suet cakes or seed Cake and 3 pounds of loose sunflower seeds or cracked peanuts. It features an easy-open suet/seed cake compartment. Construction is all metal. Great for bird lovers!
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Suet Cake
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