PittMoss Organic Equine Horse Bedding, 4CF

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  • PittMoss Organic Equine Horse Bedding, 4CF
  • PittMoss Organic Equine Horse Bedding, 4CF
  • PittMoss Organic Equine Horse Bedding, 4CF


If you are ready for new bedding solution that reduces maintenance, cost, and allergens that can be composted or up-cycled for use as a top-quality organic fertilizer, look no further!

Product Details

  • Soft and Therapeutic, the highly consistent, uniform fibers are particularly therapeutic for aging horses, horses with joint discomfort, laminitis, or other instances of limb pain
  • Hypoallergenic & less dusty, provides unmatched absorption, odor neutralization and dust reduction as it absorbs more ammonia as compared to shavings, enhancing breathability for both owners and horses
  • Reduces odor as the pH neutral material helps break down the acidity of the waste from your horse, which significantly reduces smell and eliminating the expense of deodorizer
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to compost, sharing properties with PittMoss potting soil line of products
  • Doesn’t stick to the horse's  coat

Absorbent and lightweight horse bedding perfect for keeping horses healthy, stables clean, and costs at a minimum. Made from recycled cellulose fiber and free of contaminants, Prestige provides unmatched absorption, odor neutralization, and dust reduction. Manufactured from sustainable materials, Prestige bedding shares its roots with PittMoss’ potting soil line. With waste material removed from the stall, simply add it to your pasture site as a sustainable, top-grade soil. The material also aids in manure piles, which reduces compost time.

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Bedding, Cages and Pens
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