Premier Horticulture Pro-Mix BX Mycorrhizae General Purpose Grower Mix

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$34.99 - $42.58


If you are looking for a premium soil mix to support the growth of your plants, look no further than PRO-MIX BX Mycorrhizae General Purpose Grower Mix!

Key Product Features

  • General purpose growing medium, 80% Canadian sphagnum peat moss
  • This product answers the needs of most growing applications
  • Light-weight, low bulk-density
  • High water-holding capacity
  • Protects & enhances plant growth
  • Provides moisture balance and nutrient retention

PRO-MIX has designed this general purpose peat-based professional growing medium to work great for general greenhouse use and transplanting applications. With ingredients like perlite and vermiculite to provide a balance of moisture and nutrient retention. These items also work great for assisting in drainage. This list combined is perfect for creating an ideal growing environment for your plants. Also has mycorrhizae added! So give your plants the correct soil they need to thrive today with PRO-MIX!

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