Scotts Step 2


Apply in April - June no less than 30 days after Step 1 is applied.
- Kills dandelions and other listed broadleaf weeds.
- Builds thick green turf from the roots up
- Do not use on dichondra, St. Augustinegrass, creeping bentgrass, bahia, or centipedegrass lawns.

Choose from:
Scotts Step 2 (5,000 sq. ft.)
Scotts Step 2 (15,000 sq. ft.)

How to Use:
For best results, and to help particles stick to weeds, apply on a calm day to a moistened lawn. Lawn should be given a thorough watering or wet from dew on the grass. 


  • Do not apply more than twice per year.
  • A minimum of 30 days between applications is required.
  • Apply only to grass. Do not allow granules or dust to drift onto flowers, shrubs, fruit or vegetable plants.
  • Do not apply on St. Augustinegrass, Floratam, dichondra, lippia, carpetgrass or bentgrass.
  • On Bermudagrass, bahia, centipedegrass, zoysia lawns, under certain conditions, some temporary discoloration may result.
  • On bahia and centipede lawns, wait until after the second mowing of the year but NOT before mid-March. In the fall, DO NOT treat centipede after the first of October and DO NOT treat bahiagrass after the first of November.
  • Do not apply directly to or near water, storm drains, gutters, sewers, or drainage ditches. Do not apply within 25 feet of rivers, fish ponds, lakes, streams, reservoirs, marshes, estuaries, bays, and oceans.
  • Do not apply when windy. Apply this product directly to your lawn or garden, and sweep any product landing on the driveway, sidewalk, gutter, or street, back onto the treated area. To prevent product run-off, do not overwater the treated area to the point of runoff or apply when raining or when rain is expected that day. Watering or Rain 
  • Do not water your lawn for 24 hours after application or apply if rain is expected within the next 24 hours. Seeding/Sodding/Sprigging
  • Delay application on newly seeded, sodded, or sprigged areas until new grass has been mowed 4 times.
  • Wait at least one month after using this product to seed, sod or plant grass sprigs.