Danner 2000GPH Magnetic Drive Waterfall Pump, #02650 - Black

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This Pondmaster magnetic drive, submersible, waterfall pump is a high capacity pump designed specifically for use in lager pond installations. This highly efficient unit, featuring reliable, ceramic bearings, delivers 2000 gallons per hour with a 14 foot maximum pumping height. That's enough to create a dynamic, attractive waterfall or drive a medium to large in-pond skimmer! This pump is fish safe because no oil is used, it features continuous duty operation, it's completely submersible, it includes an extra large, clog resistant filter screen, it comes with a back flow check valve and 1.5 inch fittings, and it includes a 20 foot long power cord with a grounded plug.

Key Product Features 

  • Designed for use in Skimmers, Waterfalls and Large Pond Installations
  • Powerful, Efficient Magnetic Drive Motor
  • Oil-Free / Fish Safe
  • Continuous Duty Operation
  • Completely Submersible
  • Extra-Large, Clog-Resistant Filter Screen
  • Back-Flow Check Valve and 11/2" Fittings Supplied
  • 20' Power Cord with Grounded Plug
  • Replacement Impeller Available
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