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Q. How do I get started?

Please email our fundraising team

Q. What options are available to sell the plants?

A. There are two options:

1. Day or Event Plant Sale - Plants are purchased prior to your scheduled sale and sold from an organized display table, event, or specific location. Sorry, we do not take back plants that did not sell on the day of your sale.

2. Pre- Sale - Plants are sold to customers from a list. Your sales can then be totaled and submitted to us as an order. When we deliver them, you can sort them and have your customers pick them up. In most cases, you will want to limit the options available for your customers in order to make distribution easier for you.

Q. How much do I charge our customers for the plants?

A. Pricing is entirely up to you! We recommend researching your local competition and comparatively pricing your plants. Oftentimes, mark up is between 50% and 100%.

Q. Is delivery available?

A. Please contact us and we can provide the delivery order minimum and delivery charge for areas we service. We recommend reserving your delivery spot as early as possible. The space on our trucks fills up quickly.

Please note that we do not deliver on Sunday or Monday. Please let us know if there are any special delivery instructions for our driver to find you.

Q. Do I need help unloading the delivery truck?

A. Yes. "Helpers" are needed to unload your order off the racks. The driver will take racks off the truck and may help unload at times.

Q. How does pickup work?

A. Minimum order for pickup is $500.00.

Pickup is available Tuesday - Friday 8AM - 4:30PM, and Saturday by appointment only at our Lititz Wholesale facility. Please stop by the brick building (with Wholesale sign), and we will direct you where to go for your order. We are located along route 322 (close to the intersection of 501 and 322).

Esbenshade's Wholesale Office Address
546 E. 28th Division Highway
Lititz, Pa 17543.

Q. How do we place our order with Esbenshades?

A. Please contact us by email, fax, or mail to place your order.

Fax: (717)-626-7302
Mailing Address: 546A E 28th Division Hwy Lititz, PA 17543

Q. Does placing an order early and paying for them reserve the plants?

A. Yes, we recommend to place your order early for the program, when the availability is greater. Prepayment is not needed to reserve the product. Place the order by Fax, Mail, or Email. For verification purposes, we do not accept phone orders or communication. You can place a tentative order early, to reserve your plants, and then give us the final counts by our published date. See cancellations under terms and conditions in Price List for more information regarding items being cancelled after this date. Make sure to return the Fundraiser Acknowledgement form so we know how to handle your order.

Q. Can we make additions to our order?

A. You can make additions up until 4 business days prior to your pickup/delivery day as long as plants are available. There is a possibility that we could be sold out of the items closer to your ship date.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept cash, check (from your organization), VISA, MASTERCARD, or DISCOVER. For an optional credit account, (Net 30 days), please request a credit application several weeks in advance of your sale. It may take up to a month to be pre-approved, so please plan accordingly.