Growing Peperomias


We thought you might like to see these Peperomias!

Peperomias are becoming more popular every year. With new varieties becoming available, its low maintenance appeal, and because it's pet safe, it's not hard to see why! If this plant is new to you, it will not be hard to get hooked. Here's what you have do to care for it:

-Give it a home almost anywhere in your house that gets sunlight. You can place it in that dark corner you've been wanting to fill or in a brightly lit window. As a succulent-like plant, it will grow with more luster in a bright filtered sunlight, but can tolerate low light as well.

-A large part of its attraction, apart from its beautiful leaves, is its forgiving nature when it comes to hydration. Water well...then leave the soil to dry thoroughly before watering again. Too much water will ensure the demise of your precious Peperomia.

-Fertilize, but make it a higher priority during the growing season (spring and summer). You can use something like Osmocote Plus indoor/outdoor smart release fertilizer.

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