Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green Black Beauty Golden State California Grass Seed, 7lbs

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Keep your lawn green and lush in almost any condition when you seed with Jonathan Green!

Key Product Features

  • Proprietary Tall Fescue/Texas Bluegrass mix
  • Formulated for use in hot and dry areas - specifically California
  • Can be grown in sun or shade
  • Growth pattern is uniform

Black Beauty Golden State Mixture is a very strong heat and drought-tolerant grass seed mixture. The mix contains Black Beauty Turf-type Tall Fescues and Texas Bluegrass, both of which can withstand extremely hot temperatures of up to 100° F, making it ideal for areas throughout California. Black Beauty Golden State is intended for use in sun and/or shade, and will produce a dark-green, heat resistant, highly durable lawn. Black Beauty Golden State grows roots up to four feet deep, contains a waxy leaf coating to preserve moisture, displays a uniform (not clumpy) growth habit and naturally withstands insects and diseases.

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