Monterey Herbicide Helper Surfactant Weed Killer Additive, 8 Ounce Concentrate

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This oil concentrate improves the spread and penetration of herbicides and weed killers!

Key Product Features

  • You will receive (1) 8 ounce bottle of concentrate.
  • Increases absorbency of plant material and leaves.
  • This concentrate can be used with both selective and non-selective weed killers to make them more effective.
  • This concentrate is should be mixed and applied to foliage with a sprayer. Mix 2 Tbsp. (1 fl. oz) per gallon of water.
  • This product can be used with most weed killers to improve their effectiveness. It reduces the amount of weed killer needed to kill weeds.

This Crop Oil helps weed killers and herbicides penetrate weeds more easily. This product is great for killing tough weeds that have resisted weed killers in the past.

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Additional Information

Weed Preventer
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