Watering Tips


We all know plants need water to survive, but have you ever considered HOW you are watering may have an impact on the health of your plant? Follow a few simple tricks to ensure your plants receive the care they need.

1. Rise and shine (and water!)
Watering early in the morning allows your plants to absorb water during the cooler portion of the day, before the moisture evaporates in the mid-day sun.  

2. Water Slowly.
Patience is key when watering.  When watering too quickly, water cannot effectively penetrate the soil and will run over the top surface of the soil.  Slower watering allows for moisture to thoroughly soak the soil, reach the root ball and encourage growth.

3. Make life easier and mulch.
Mulch not only cleans up the look of your garden beds and prevent weeds, but it helps to keep in moisture and reduce the amount of watering needed. 

4. Water at the base.
Be sure to avoid drenching the leaves and water at the base of your plant.  Keeping leaves dry helps to prevent disease and burn marks.