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Esbenshade's Gardening Library

Successful Gardening

Successful gardening starts with Esbenshade's full line of plants. From herbs to flowering plants, from seeds to bulbs, we have what you're looking for. To keep your flowers, vegetables, and lawn looking great you will need the tools and supplies that we can provide with the knowledge and know-how to accomplish each and every one of your tasks. Choose one of our seasonal topics below, or browse the menu to the left!

Fall Is For Planting

Fall is one of the best times to plant trees and shrubs for next year! Read More....

Closing Your Pond In Fall

Everything you need to know to protect, preserve, and provide for your pond. Read More....

Esbenshade's Transplant Root Stimulator

Esbenshade's Transplant Root Stimulator is a  5-10-5 high Phosphorous Root Stimulator which contains a "base-combination" of three of the oldest forms of fertilizers known to mankind. . . Hydrolyzed Fish, Seaweed & Feathermeal. Read More...