Monterey Peach Tree Moth Borer Trap and Lure, 2 Traps per Box

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Catch and kill moth borers before an infestation begins!

Key Product Features

  • Box contains 2 complete traps and lures
  • Used to attract 11 moth species; peach tree, lilac, dogwood, rhododendron, sycamore, and Douglas fir
  • This trap uses a pheromone attractant lure to draw in the moths. Once they touch the sticky surface of the trap, they cannot escape and will perish 
  • These traps are used both for mass trapping and as a monitoring system
  • Easy to install
  • Use any time during the growing season to capture moths
  • Check trap every 2-3 days for the presence of moths

For mass trapping, use 2 or more traps per tree. For monitoring insect populations, use 1 trap per tree. The tunneling of the borers can cause significant damage to the vascular tissue of trees. This is particularly hard on young and smaller trees; older and larger trees are better able to resist the borers. Trees can yellow and eventually die or have their ability to produce fruit greatly compromised. Early detection and vigorous monitoring are recommended to nip an infestation in the bud or to keep it from escalating.

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Additional Information

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Other Insects
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