Monterey Garden Phos Systemic Fungicide, 2.5 Gallons

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Garden Phos Concentrate from Monterey is a systemic fungicide, its flexible use makes it a great fungicide tool in any garden or yard!

Key Product Details

  • A comprehensive systemic fungicide designed to prevent a variety of diseases
  • Foliar spray, soil drench and basal bark application
  • Can be used as a preventative and a curative spray
  • For use only in home gardens, on home lawns and ornamentals and related home plants
  • This concentrate should be applied to plants with a sprayer
  • Effective control of Phytophthora diseases associated with Sudden Oak Death (SOD), Downy mildew, phytophthora & pythium in ornamentals & bedding plants, Pythium in turf
  • Controls Root Rot, Downy Mildew, Fire Blight, Phytopthora and Pythium Diseases in Ornamentals, Trees, Vegetables, Fruits and Bedding Plants

Garden Phos Concentrate from Monterey is a systemic fungicide with soil drench, foliar spray or basal bark application. It works on ornamentals, trees, vegetables, fruits, and bedding plants and controls Root Rot, Downy Mildew, Fire Blight, Sudden Oak Death, Phytopthora and Pythium Diseases & Other Listed Diseases. 

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