Panacea Cast Iron Grate for Indoor Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces, Black, 30"

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Keep your fires hot and your fireplace protected with this durable and reliable cast iron grate!

Key Product Features

  • Made from cast iron to withstand hot temperatures
  • The 3-inch clearing underneath keeps the flames away from the floor of your fireplace
  • Lifting your fire off of the ground helps draft the smoke and fumes up and out of your chimney instead of into your home
  • Measures approximately 30" wide x 15" long x 6.5" tall

This cast iron fireplace grate is the answer to better, hotter, cleaner fires! The grate lifts your fire up off of the floor, keeping your fireplace fresher without direct contact with flames. The open grated bottom allows for small coals to fall through, creating a hot bed under which allows for your fire to burn from the bottom up. Measures approximately 30" wide x 15" long x 6.5" tall.

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