EPIC Iguana Scram All Natural Ready To Use Outdoor Granular Animal Repellent Resealable Bag, 6lbs

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Protect and prevent your landscape, lawn and gardens from burrowing and lounging iguanas by using this granular formula. 

Key Product Features

  • This formula is ideal for use in back yards and quickly establishes a band of protection. 
  • The smell and taste of the granules provides dual action protection to convince iguana’s that an area is dangerous and quickly trains them to retreat and stay away from treated areas.  
  • Can be applied as a protective barrier of coverage to prevent iguana’s from damaging flower beds, plants, lawns and climbing up trees to any vegetation. 
  • Convenient 6-pound resealable bag contains enough product to protect up to 3,500 square feet for all season use with no mixing required. 
  • Each application is long lasting and should last around 30 days during normal rainfall and irrigation.
  • Environmentally safe when used properly and will not harm animals, people, or plants. 

Iguana Scram works by emitting an offensive taste and foul odor to iguanas found in gardens, flower beds, stone piles, wood piles, shrubs, around foundations of homes, near pools and around other areas. The distasteful odor of the granules will cause iguanas to retreat and stay away. It has been proven by professional landscapers and pest control operators to be highly effective and long lasting. This product is safe to use around pets of your own, children and plants. 

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