Pyganic Gardening

Pyganic Gardening Organic Liquid Insecticide Concentrate For Garden Insects, 1 Gallon

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LG 6260


PyGanic Gardening delivers quick and reliable knockdown and elimination of common garden pests!

Key Product Features

  • Target Pests: Ants, Bagworms, Bean Beetles, Beetles, Blow Flies, Boll Weevils, Cabbage Maggots, Caterpillars, Cherry Fruit Flies, Clover Weevils, Cockroaches, Crickets, Earwigs, Fireworms, Flea Beetles, Fruit Flies, Grasshoppers, Japanese Beetles, Milipedes, Mites
  • Flushes insects and mites from hiding
  • Can be used on ornamental, leafy vegetables, fruit and nut trees
  • Contains Pyrethrins 1.4%
  • OMRI Listed for organic use

Effective on a broad spectrum of insects from aphids to whiteflies and can be used on ornamental, leafy vegetables, fruit and nut trees. Made from botanically-derived active ingredients—pyrethrins, extracted from daisy flowers and is OMRI listed for organic gardening.

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Additional Information

Product Type:
Other Insects
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