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API Solar Water Wiggler
· Powered by sun
· Place in bird bath and it will operate unattended until you remove it
· For best results it should be used in full sunlight
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API 40 Watt Pond Breather Heated Aerator
· Vents harmful gasses from frozen ponds
· Floats in pond and freezes into ice up to 15 inches thick
· Energy efficient : Pond Breather operates on 120 volts, 40 watts, and uses 31 times less energy than 1250 watt de-icers
· Exposes 4,000 to 10,000 more surface area of water than conventional heaters and de-icers
· With a gentle current to move oxygen throughout the pond, Pond Breather uses just enough heat to keep water flow open
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Allied Precision Industries T6213 Garden Scene Watering Can, 2-Gallon, Nu-Green
· Plastic 2-gallon capacity watering can
· Features rotating nozzle
· Easy to use
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API Heated Plastic Bird Bath
· Heated bird bath basin comes fully assembled
· Features a built-in thermostat
· Prevents bird bath water from freezing - even on coldest days
· Includes adapter clamp for mounting to a variety of surfaces and stands
· Rim is designed to be easily grasped by a bird's talons, making it a natural perch
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Allied Precision 300 200-Watt Bird Bath De-Icer
· API 300 birdbath de-icer comes equipped with a built-in thermostat that will keep water liquid even on the coldest days
· Birdbath de-icer comes fully assembled
· A stainless-steel guard is provided to protect wildlife from burns
· Safe for use even in plastic baths
· Will not overheat if the bath runs dry
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API 400 12-Inch Diameter Heated Bird Bath with Stand
· Thermostatically-controlled birdbath; keeps water from freezing even on coldest days
· Includes sturdy metal stand and 3 stakes for anchoring in the ground
· Remove heating element for year-round use
· Uses 50 watts of power
· Measures 12 inches in diameter
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API 5WWGS Water Wiggler with Sage Green Glazed Pottery Cover
· Water agitator for bird baths; attracts birds discourages mosquitoes
· Agitator action creates continuous ripples in water
· No wiring and no plumbing; operates silently on two D-cell batteries (not included)
· Up to two months of continual use
· May also be used in a heated bird bath during winter
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Water Can Deluxe 2Gl
· can Very functional Great for potted plants
· or gardens Retro decor look Assorted colors 2 gallons
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API 14" Heated Bird Bath W/ Ez Tilt Deck Mount & Pole
· Supplies ice-free water all winter long
· Power cord clips under bath when heat is not required
· Heating element is completely hidden beneath bird bath surface
· This economical Promo Deluxe Bird Bath has an elegant design
· Three-year warranty
· Bath easily mounted to wooden deck rail with ez-tilt-to-clean deck mount and pole mount hardware included
· Heated for all-season use in cold climates
· Weather-resistant plastic
· Compact Size
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API 14" Non Heated Bird Bath W/ Ez Tilt Deck Mount
· Unique design tilts and lifts for easy cleaning and storing
· EZ-TILT-TO-CLEAN deck mounting hardware firmly attaches to deck rails
· Includes a standard pole stand for use in lawn or garden areas
· Large 14 inch diameter accommodates many birds of all sizes
· Deep two inch depth assures enough water for all of your feathered friends and cuts down on refills
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Allied Precision Industries 70B Heated Bird Bath's Plastic Pedestal, Beige
· Heated bird bath is thermostatically controlled
· Comes with hardware which will mount the bath to almost plastic pedestal up to 12" in diameter
· The bath has been tested at temperatures down to -20 degree fahrenheit
· Faucet Y-coupler with shutoffs and 50 feet of tubing
· Measures 20-inch diameter
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Allied Precision 89 Metal Stand for 20-Inch Allied Bird Baths, Black
· Metal stand for allied bird baths
· Fits all allied 20-inch bird baths
· Steel with black enamel finish
· For best results, the solar water wiggler should be used in full sunlight
· Its made of durable materials to resist corrosion and scale build-up
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Allied Precision K67401 Pedestal For Grey Kozybird Spa
· Sculpted pedestal
· Use for grey Kozybird spa
· Measures 23-inch height
· Rugged enclosed float will not sink; Over-temperature protection
· Measure 14-inch diameter
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