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Scotts Miracle Gro 1003761 Evergreen Fertilizer Spikes, 12 Pk.
UPC: 073561003766
Price: $12.99
Availability: Sold Out.
  • Promotes deep, vibrant color
  • Use once in spring and again in fall
  • Easy-to-use spikes release nutrients directly into the root zone to help promote green, strong evergreen trees and shrubs
  • Use the diameter of the drip line of the tree or shrub as a guide to determine the number of spikes needed per plant
  • Contains 12 spikes
  • 12-6-12
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Miracle-Gro Evergreen Fertilizer Spikes

The Miracle-Gro Evergreen Fertilizer Spikes are an effective fertilizer ideal for multiple evergreen varieties, including pines, spruces, hemlocks, junipers, dogwoods, arbovitae and many more. This Evergreen Fertilizer nurtures evergreen trees and shrubs for spring and fall seasons to have a beautiful vivid green color. Not only does this fertilizer make your evergreens look good, it also keeps them healthy and strong. This product proves to be cost effective because you only need to use it once in early spring and once in mid fall. This breakthrough in gardening has a guaranteed fertilizer analysis of 12-6-12.

How to Use

1. Place plastic cap provided on top of spike.

2. Drive spike into ground around tree or shrub following the drip line.

3. Spikes should be at least 3 feet apart. For small trees and shrubs with drip line closer than two feet, insert spikes 3 feet away from center of shrub or tree trunk.

4. Remove plastic cap and save for future use.

5. Continue to drive spike 2 inches below the soil surface.

When to Apply

Once in early Spring and once in mid Fall. Make sure that the ground is soft and moist before driving the spikes.

How Many Spikes to Use

(Drip Line Diameter - Number of Spikes

• 4 feet - 1 spike

• 6 feet - 3 spikes

• 8 feet - 5 spikes

• 10 feet - 7 spikes

• 12 feet - 10 spikes

• 15 feet - 16 spikes
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