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Lambert Kay Fresh'n Clean Dog Creme Rinse, 1-Gallon
· Dog creme rinse
· It creates a pleasing fragrance that lasts from one grooming to the next
· The aroma refreshes instantly just by wiping the coat with a moist towel
· It contains cetyl alcohol, stearalkonium chloride, hydroxyethylcellulose, aloe vera gel and fragrance
· Available in 1-gallon size
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Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Spray
· Made with Denta-C, which is scientifically proven to reduce plaque that harbors bacteria
· Controls bad breath and reduces plaque and tartar buildup
· Easy-to-use spray
· Spray directly onto dog's teeth and gums 1 to 2 times per day
· Comes in a 4-fluid-ounce spray bottle
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Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Natural Dog Fresh Foam, 3 oz
· Natural-C With Green Tea Extract Fights Bacteria To Improve Oral Health
· Reduces Plaque And Tartar
· Freshens breath
· Safe And Efficient
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(3 Pack) Four Paws Magic Coat Bright White Dog Shampoo, 32 oz Each
· (3 Pack) Four Paws Magic Coat Bright White Dog Shampoo, 32 oz Each
· Magic Coat grooming solutions feature an easy-to-use color-coded system to help owners select the best products for pet coat and grooming needs
· Brightens, whitens and enhances pet's coat
· Almond and shea butter scent
· For all coats
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· Pet Supply
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Excel Ear Clear - Ear Cleansing Pads,
· Cleans and dissolves wax build up
· Non-irritating, soothing formula
· Easy to use cleansing pads
· 90 count
· Helps dissolve waxy buildup.
· Provides gentle cleansing, leaving pet's ears clean and free of odors.
· Routine use help maintain healthy ears.
· Easy to use wipes.
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Paw Guard 6
· 3 Pack of Four Paws Dog Paw Guard, 1.75oz
· Four Paws health and wellness products focus on overall pet well-being
· Protects paws from becoming dry and cracked from contact with icy surfaces, hot pavement, gravel, and hard surfaces
· Formulated with lanolin to condition and moisturize paw pads
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Lambert Kay EMT Gel Pet First Aid Kit in a Tube, 1 Ounce
· An all natural wound gel that reduces bleeding pain and itching and promotes rapid healing while it protects the wound
· Excellent for dealing with wounds when they occur and to help promote rapid healing of the wound while providing comfort to the animal
· All natural wound healing gel for all animals
· Made In the USA
· 1 ounce tube
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Bio Spot Active Care Flea & Tick Carpet & Upholstery Powder
· Kills fleas and ticks
· Kills all 4 stages of the flea : eggs, larvae, pupae and adults
· Starts working on contact
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