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St. Gabriel Organics Natural Milky Spore Powder, Grub/Japanese Beetle Control
· Milky Spore Powder is a One Time application
· Ten year performance guarantee on the Japanese Beetle Grub
· Not harmful to man, animals or the environment,
· DIRECTIONS - Milky Spore Powder is a One Time application using only one teaspoonful every 4 feet in a checker board pattern on your lawn, or use the Lawn and Garden Dispenser.
· GOING GREEN IS EASY AND HEALTHY - Our products make it easy for you and your pets to live a greener and healthier lifestyle. For us thinking "Green" and making a difference is a way of life.
· SAFE FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES - The Milky Spore is not harmful to people, animals, beneficial insects or the environment; safe to use around water ways.
· APPLY ANY TIME - Apply the Milky Spore Powder any time the ground is not frozen : spring through fall.
· THE MILKY SPORE PROCESS - Grubs do damage to your lawn and attract digging vagrants such as moles and voles. Milky Spore is a naturally occurring host specific bacterium that puts a protective blanket on your lawn.
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Bayer- Advanced 700740S 24 Hour Grub Killer Plus, Granules, 10-Pounds
· Delivers over night results! Stop grubs from destroying your lawn immediately
· Cover 15,000 square feet
· Ready to spread granules
· Excellent turf rescue formula - kills Grubs overnight
· PLUS kills Ants, Billbugs, Chinch Bugs, Crickets, Cutworms, Earwigs, Grasshoppers, Leafhoppers, Millipedes, Mole Crickets, Pill bugs, Scorpions, Sod Webworms, Sow bugs and Ticks
· Kills Grubs in 24 hours
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24 Hour Grub Killer Plus Granules
· Excellent turf rescue formula
· 24 Hour Grub Killer Plus kills grubs overnight
· 10 lb. granular bag
· Treats 5,000 sq. ft. for grubs and 7,500 sq. ft. for other lawn pests
· L x W x H : 19in. L x 12in. W x 1in. H
· Material :
· Color :
· Warranty :
· Size : 10 lb.
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Season Long Grub Control Granules
· Apply anytime spring through late summer.
· 6-0-1 fertilizer
· 24 lb. granular bag
· Treats up to 10,000 sq. ft.
· L x W x H : 20.5in. L x 15.1in. W x 3.7in. H
· Material :
· Color :
· Warranty :
· Size : 24 lb.
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Scotts GrubEx, 5,000 Sq Ft
· One Application Kills and Prevents All Season (up to 4 months) - Guaranteed; Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
· Kills 25% More Grub Types (vs. original GrubEx)
· Apply Spring to Early Summer - before insects hatch to prevent turf damage
· Prevent turn damage by applying before insects hatch
· Use annually to help control Japanese beetle infestations
· Not for sale in HI, NY
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Bayer Advanced Season-Long Grub Control, Treats up to 5,000 Sq Ft, 12 Lb
· Patented 2-in-1 formula kills Grubs all season long
· Creates a season long protective zone to kill Grubs before they do damage
· Increases turf root mass for thicker, stronger turf
· Turf-revitalizing formula increases root mass up to 25%
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