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Happy Hen Treats Nest Box Bucket Kit
· Easy to Clean
· Designed for Comfort
· Quick Assembly
· Durable Plastic
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$16.99   $4.99

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Rugged Ranch Santa Fe Mobile Wood Coop 72x31x42 Inch
· Built-In Wheels for Ease of Mobility
· Complete Pen with Built-In 2-Hole Nest Box
· Easy Access for Egg Retrieval
· Holds Up to 4 Chickens
· 3 Comfort Roosting Perches
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Harris Farms Pet Heated Drinker Base - 01236
· Helps prevent water from freezing down to 10 degrees F
· Thermostatically controlled
· 125 W of power/UL compliant
· Can be used with the Harris Farms EZ Fill Poultry Drinkers
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Future Harvest Development Sun Blaster T5 Connector Cord, 24-Inch, Black
· Sun blaster 6400K T5HO lamps simulate natural sunlight and are ideal for cuttings and vegetative growth
· For maximum output and efficiency use with Sun Blaster T5HO lighting fixtures
· Specialty lamps are available in red, green and blue for those that wish to create interesting visual effects for home, office or store front
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Harris Farms Plastic Poultry Drinker, 3.5 Gallon
· Water fountain
· Durable poly
· Easy to fill and clean
· Twist lock handle
· Made of plastic
· Easy-fill, easy-clean
· Molded from long-life plastic with durable fountain
· Features twist-lock system
· Accommodates up to 56 chickens or game birds
· Can be used with the Harris Farms Heated Poultry Drinker Base
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Origin Point 312450 50-Foot x 24-Inch Gray Plastic Poultry Netting With 1-Inch Openings
· Plastic netting
· PVC poultry net has 1-inch openings
· Long lasting and weather resistant
· Available in gray color
· Measures 50-feet length by 24-inch width
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Manna Pro Organic Scratch Food, 30 lb
· Nutritious blend of wholesome grains
· Made without pesticides, medications, or genetically-modified ingredients
· This product is safe for mixed flocks including all classes of poultry
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Origin Point 162425 20-Gauge Handyroll Galvanized Hex Netting, 25-Foot x 24-Inch With 1-Inch Openings
· Handyroll galvanized hex netting
· Made of 20 gauge steel wire
· Long lasting and weather resistant
· Hex netting with 1-inch openings
· Garden Zone 20-gauge 1-inch Galvanized Hex Netting 24inx25ft Also known as poultry netting, it is ideal for poultry pens, house hold pet confinement and for protecting gardens
· Economically sized rolls for easy use
· This product is made in China
· Measures 25-feet by 24-inch width
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Farm Tuff Plastic Hanging Poultry Feeder, 25-Pound
· 25lb capacity; 5 different feed flow rates; Pan is plastic; handle and clips are metal
· Polypropylene
· 5 different feed flow rates
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$25.99   $6.99

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Still Air Incubator
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$49.99   $19.99

ALERT STAMPING & MFG-IMPORT RLB-8H Hang Brooder Lamp, 300-watt
· It is 300W, Hanging Brooder Lamp , 10 inch Aluminum Reflector
· 8 foot, 8/2 SJT Cord, Includes Hanging Loop and Wire Bulb Guard
· Heat Resistant Ceramic Socket, Assembled, UL, CUL and UL499
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$13.99   $3.49

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Gronomics CCPCR 48-48 Chicken Coop Run
· Extension kit includes three sides to complete an 4 feet of space to Gronomics CCPC 45-45 Chicken Coop Pet Cottage
· Matching run gives hens a safe space to exercise
· Coop also makes a great home for turkeys, pheasants, quails, rabbits and ducks
· Exclusive 5 Year Warranty
· Hand Crafted in the USA
· MPN : CCPCR48-48
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Poultry Feeder Base
· Baby chick feeder
· Base features 8 openings with ribs to minimize feed spillage
· Constructed of heavy duty polyethylene
· Color is Red
· Size : 1-quart
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$3.99   $0.50

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Adm Alliance Nutrition Pen Pals Chicken Starter Grower, Medicated, Crumble, 25-Lbs.
· Pen pals chicken starter/grower medicated crumble feed, bag.
· Dimension - 31 x 3 x 12 in.
· Item weight - 25 lbs.
· Package Quantity : 1
· Excellent Quality.
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$9.99   $4.99

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Manna Pro Organic Grower Crumbles, 30 Lb
· An organic complete feed for growing chickens
· USDA certified organic and NON-GMO
· 17 percent crude protein to support muscle development and weight gain
· Fortified to support natural healthy growth
· Non-Medicated crumble form for easy consumption
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· Feeder base combines with the Little Giant 1-Quart Screw-On Feeder/Waterer Jar to make a gravity feeder for baby chicks
· Eight openings
· Inner ribs minimize feed overflow and spillage
· Heavy-duty polypropylene
· Available in several colors
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$3.99   $0.50

Nature's Best Organic Feed Chick Starter & Grower Crumbles , 40 lb
· Fortified with nutrients that are not found in traditional scratch
· This are pet bird Feeders
· This is manufactured in United States
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· Made of high impact polystyrene.
· Fits #690 1 quart screw-on jar bci # 464031.
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$1.99   $0.50

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Little Giant Quail Rails for Model 6300 Automatic Egg Turner
· Fits into Little Giant Automatic Egg Turner
· Designed for Model quail and other small eggs
· Six rails each hold 20 small eggs
· Total capacity 120 eggs
· Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
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