Antique Kettle, Black, 15-Inch

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Boasting the hand-crafted look of cast iron, the antique-inspired Kettle Planter is perfect for accentuating your indoor or outdoor décor. Constructed from high grade, weather-resistant plastic, this kettle will last for years without fading or becoming brittle. When using outdoors, this planter is equipped with optional drill-out drainage holes to prevent overwatering plants. Easily move plants from place to place with the included handle. The Kettle Planter is a quality flower pot, made with recyclable material, and proudly built in the USA. Dimensions (L” x W” x H”): 15" x 15” x 12” For best results and to promote healthy plant growth in a Kettle Planter: • When planting, create a drainage layer on the bottom of the pot by adding pebbles or small rocks as a first layer. • Add potting mix and fill the container up to 1" from the top. • Add or transplant your favorite plant to the pot. • Position the planter in an area that will allow the plant to receive the recommended amount of sunlight. • After initial planting, refer to the after-care instructions for each specific plant species. • Water accordingly.
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