How to Attract More Birds


Attracting more birds to your backyard begins with creating a safe and inviting habitat.  Providing feeders, natural food sources, water, shelter and nesting areas will encourage birds to visit.  Read more to learn how to encourage birds to regularly visit your property.

1. Analyze Your Landscape
Consider the layout of your landscape and use your existing plantings to your advantage.  Trees, evergreen, shrubs, and perennials can supply both food and shelter for birds in the winter.  Evergreens such as pine, spruce, cedar, and holly can provide shelter and a safe retreat, especially from windy conditions and in cold weather.  Cones are also an important food source for some species in winter.  Plants such as winterberry and sumac supply berries - a coveted food source. Be sure to provide these resources at varying heights as certain species prefer lower shrub dwellings and others habitually reside in the uppermost layers of the tree canopy.  Not cutting all perennials back in fall can also provide leftover seed heads in winter, when food is scarce.  When planning landscape upgrades, consider selecting trees, shrubs, and perennials that will provide year-round sustenance and shelter for birds. 

2. Prepare a Proper Menu
Bird species prefer different food sources.  Select a high quality feed specifically formulated for the species of birds you'd like to attract to your backyard. Be sure to regularly refill your feeders and keep all food sources stocked.  If birds continually find a empty feeder, they will move to an alternate location. View our online selection of bird feed here.

3. Keep It Clean
Clean feeders, birdbaths as well as feeding areas regularly.  Disinfecting with bleach can help to prevent the spread of disease.

4. Keep It Safe
Attracting birds not only requires an ample food source. Maintaining a consistently safe environment from predators and hazards is equally critical. Avoid using pesticides, herbicides or other dangerous chemicals where birds feed, bath or nest.  If you or a neighbor has an outdoor cat, be sure to keep feeders out of reach.  Reduce window collisions by keeping bird feeders at least 3 feet from windows. 

5. Provide Fresh Water
Birds need clean water for drinking and bathing. Providing a bird bath ensures birds are adequately hydrated.  In winter, a heated bird bath can prevent water from freezing.