Backyard Bird Watching - Getting Started



Getting Started


1.  Take a look around or do a little research to see what birds are normally seen in your area.  Different birds may be seen a different times.


2.  Choose the feeder that best suits the birds in your area.  You may need more than 1 feeder to attract different birds.


• Hummingbird Feeders


• Suet Baskets


• Wire Mesh Feeder for woodpeckers


• Tube feeder with small holes for finches


• Tube feeder with large holes or a hopper feeder.  Make surethe feed port holes willa ccommodate large seeds, nuts or fruit.


3.  Decide the best place to install your new bird feeder.  Try to place it where the birds can easily get to it and where you can easly remove it to refill or clean it. Some birds, like Cardinals, Thrushes, Bluebirds and others, prefer to eat off the ground of from a platform feeder.  These birds often prefer to feed close to brush or trees for safety.  Finches will come to feeders regardles of their location


If birds don't come to your feeder right away, be patient.  One bird will appear, then more individuals of the same species then other species will appear. Birds are attracted to the noise and activity of other feeding birds. You may want to relocate your feeder if bird activity is low.