Blue Mystique Orchids


The Blue Mystique Orchid is not painted or hybridized, but gets its color through a patented process that induces a blue bloom.

Orchid Care-

Orchids are naturally used to sitting high on trees, with their roots long and free. Make sure to give them plenty of fresh air, moisture, rain water, just enough light.

Feeding for Flowering Orchids-
A good fertilizer should be provided on a regular basis during the active growing period.  The exact fertilizer you use will depend on the mix in which your plant is growing.  A good general rule is to apply a balanced fertilizer (or orchid fertilizer) during the period of active growth.  That is, fertilize every week at one quarter to one half of the recommended dilution.

Do not let the soil dry out; evenly moist is the ideal state. Due to variation of homes and offices, lift the plant daily to see if it is top heavy. The pot should feel the heavier then the rest of the plant. Good drainage is key. Orchids should not sit in a container of water, nor should water be dripping form the bottom. Using a container specially designed for orchids can assist in this process.

When Flowering is Complete

When all flowers have dropped off, cut the stem 2 inches (5 centimeters) above the leaves. This will give the plant the chance to flower from the base and from the stem. If you cut the stem much higher, the new spike will be thinner and will not be able to support as many flowers. If you cut the stem much shorter, it will not flower from that stem, only from the base. This way, you will give the plant the opportunity to have multiple spikes as the years go by.

The feeding in this period is stronger. Use the same fertilizer at the same strength but with every watering. If you lose roots (they turn dull and lose the green tip), mist daily for two weeks.

The no-bloom period is a great time to repot the plant if needed. Remember that it is normal for the roots to hang all over the place; they are looking for moisture, air and light. When repotting, use a mix including bark. The only reason to repot an orchid is to freshen the soil. Orchids need a much smaller pot then the plant itself.

Orchids will flower naturally if the evenings are cooler . Move the plant outside in the evening or to a cooler room at night. Ideal temperature during the day is 77 to 86 degrees F. Evening temperature should be beween 65-72 degrees F.

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