Claim Policy

Esbenshade’s Greenhouses, Inc. regrets that there would be any reason to file a claim regarding the plant material we ship. However, since the plant material may not arrive in the same condition it was in when it was shipped; please use the following procedure if you find it necessary to file a claim:

    1. Any claims for shortages or defective materials must be made to Esbenshade’s Greenhouses, Inc. within 48 hours (2 business days) of receipt. Please call (717) 626-7000 or e-mail Prompt filing is imperative. Photographs are also important.

    2. Esbenshade's Greenhouses guarantees shipments made on grower truck.

    3. If you have a claim regarding a grower truck or broker truck delivery, have the driver call our office before leaving your premises.

    4. For shipments made by UPS, FedEx and Air Freight: Esbenshade’s Greenhouses, Inc. will not issue credit for plants damaged by the carrier during shipment.

    5. Orders picked up at Esbenshade’s Greenhouses (by the customer or their representative) must be checked for accuracy and quality before leaving the premises. Orders that have been picked and made ready, per the customer’s request, and not picked up on the designated day will be held for one day without charge. After this time, additional fees will be assessed.

      • If you find it necessary to file a claim, be sure to save all packing materials. The freight carrier's claim representative may wish to inspect the packing materials
      • Call Esbenshade's Greenhouses, Inc. for assistance in filing a claim. If possible, call before signing off on a shipment. (It is important to note any visible damage and/or any upside-down cartons.)

    6. Esbenshade’s Greenhouses, Inc. will not be responsible for shipping delays or damage, due to severe weather conditions, if the customer has authorized the shipment. Likewise, Esbenshade’s Greenhouses, Inc. will not be responsible for damage resulting from the customer allowing the plants to remain in an unprotected area (plants left in boxes in unheated area or left, boxed, in extreme heat).