Cole's Blazing Hot Blend Bird Seed, 20-Pound

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Are you tired of seeing everything BUT birds sitting at your feeder? Do you wish you could create a special oasis for your feathered friends to enjoy without inviting the whole neighborhood to chow down on the good stuff you're serving?

  • 100% All Natural- Chemical free way to increase the number of birds
  • Combines a patented habanero chili oil formula with the most preferred seeds of the backyard songbirds
  • Attracts woodpeckers; grosbeaks; buntings; cardinals; chickadees; bluebirds; gold finches & more
  • Contains black oil sunflower; sunflower meats; white proso millet; cracked corn; liquid habanero chili peppers; & safflower oil
  • Uniquely seasoned just for birds!

Blazing Hot Blend is a traditional mix of highly desired seeds enhanced with super-hot, food grade habanero chilies. It is a 100% all natural and chemical free way to get more bird visits than ever before. Cole's line of HOT products are guaranteed to make your feeders an exclusive Birds-Only cafe.

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Wild Bird
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Wild Bird
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