Cole's White Millet Outdoor Bird Seed

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  • Cole's White Millet Outdoor Bird Seed
  • Cole's White Millet Outdoor Bird Seed
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Fill up your feeder with Cole's White Millet Straight Seed and be pleasantly surprised by how often birds will be coming back for a visit!

Key Product Features

  • Provides a good, inexpensive and nutritious meal
  • Type: Straight seed
  • No added synthetics, chemicals, or artificial flavors
  • Works well in a platform feeder or scattered on the ground
  • Not recommended for tubular or mesh feeders unless mixed with other seeds
  • Can be used to create your own blend of seed mix
  • Ingredients: White Proso Millet
  • Loved by almost all ground feeding songbirds like Indigo Buntings, Painted Buntings, pheasants, quail, towhees, juncos, Song sparrows, White-throated sparrows, Scarlet Tanagers, and doves

Cole's Wild Bird Products Co White Millet is a special seed that's a favorite among ground feeding birds like doves, juncos, song sparrows, and towhees. White Millet is the number one choice of most ground feeding birds. Additionally, Indigo Buntings seem particularly attracted to it. Throw it out on the ground straight or mix it with other seeds such as Oil Sunflower to create your own unique blend. You can mix it with one of your favorite seeds or just serve it alone.

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein Min. 11%, Crude fat Min. 2.8%, Crude Fiber Max. 7%, Moisture Max. 11%

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