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Curtis Wagner Round Clear Vinyl Plant Saucer, 12" (Pack of 1)

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Protect your surfaces with clear vinyl saucers from their original inventor!

  • Curtis Wagner 12 inch, round clear vinyl plant saucer
  • Provides critical airflow needed for healthy root system to keep your plants healthy
  • Protects surfaces from water leaks, moisture, mold, mildew and stains
  • Keep plants moist longer
  • The saucers made from vinyl plastic
  • Maintain a cleaner garden; great for gardening projects and home décor
  • Drainage channels on the bottom of the plastic plant saucers keep the pot above the drainage to prevent plant roots from sitting in water
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Has a wide variety of uses

Catch any water overflow and prevent soil mess, spills and stains with these waterproof pot saucers. Water your plants with confidence knowing your floors, carpets and furniture are protected. Made from strong and durable PVC vinyl plastic, these planter accessories are sturdy so don't worry about it cracking or breaking. This plant tray is the perfect companion to your indoor house plant collection and it can also withstand the weather for use outside in the garden, deck or patio. The raised ridge pattern keeps base of planter elevated. This gives the plant drainage and airflow and helps prevent root rot in plants that cannot sit in water. The transparent see-through design makes this saucer barely noticeable. It is visually unobtrusive and can match any flower pot in your collection.

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