Cut & Live Christmas Tree Care





  · Find a cold, sheltered spot out of direct sun.


· Stand tree in a water filled bucket.


· Remove net one day before setting up.


· Shake tree to remove loose needles.




  · Place tree in stand.


· Add a tree preservative such as Prolong.


· Check water level twice daily…even more often the first few days.


· Keep tree away from air vents, heaters and direct sun.




  · Keep cool and moist.


· Soak with water every 2-3 days, avoiding bow(s).








Tree Stand


Tree Removal Bag




  1. Prepare planting hole and soil mix now, before the ground freezes. Mulch tree to protect roots from extreme temperatures and water well. Water every two weeks until the tree goes inside. Spray tree with Wilt-Pruf before moving inside. (not for use on Blue Spruce)


  2. Move tree into the house when outside temperature is over 40 degrees. Have tree inside for 7 days, not more. If temperature is less than 40 degrees, give the tree a day to adjust in a garage or unheated porch.


  3. Once inside, put your tree in a waterproof container, raising it on bricks so that it does not sit in water. Keep root ball moist by placing one tray of ice cues on top of root ball daily. Avoid fireplaces, heat ducts and direct sun.


  4. After 7 days, move the tree outside and plant it in your already prepared hole. Follow our standard planting instructions. Water well, even if ground is frozen. If temperature is below 40 degrees, set tree in the garage for 1-2 days before planting to let it adjust to temperature change.


  5. Stake tree.


  6. Water tree every 3-4 weeks through winter if it does not rain.