Daffodil Transplanting



  A common question we receive here at the garden center is when can I transplant my daffodils?  You may have daffodils that you would like to relocate from one bed to another.   The main point to remember on any bulb type plant is after flowering, the foliage is producing food to replenish the bulb for next year. You don't want to disrupt the foliage if it interferes with this process. Deadhead the flower after it has flowered, but try to keep the leaves green as long as possible to recharge the bulb for next year's flowers. To transplant, spring is the best time of year to do this, but wait about eight weeks after the blooms have faded to move your daffodils.  When yo do move the bulbs, be careful not to damage the bulb, try to keep the bulb and foliage intact.