Danner MFG 190GPH Small/Medium Pond Pump & Filter with Fountain Head

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This Pondmaster Pump and Filter Kit is the easy and practical way to match a pond filter to the right pump and fountain head for smaller ponds. The kit includes a pump with filter and water bell fountain head. Ideal for smaller ponds including deck ponds up to 200 gallons. The pump uses only 15 watts of electricity and is equipped with a 10-foot power cord. The filter provides mechanical and biological filtration. Once the unit is not completely submerged it will hum and buzz, once fully submerged it should be quiet.

Key Product Features

  • Suitable for small to medium Ponds and Containers
  • 190 GPH pump (CUL/UL Listed)
  • Deluxe filter system
  • Bell fountain head
  • Mechanical and biological filtration
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