EPIC Deer Scram All Natural Granular Animal Repellent Resealable Container

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Safely protect your prized gardens, shrubs and trees from deer with this environmentally safe repellent!

Key Product Features

  • Natural, biodegradable, environmentally safe
  • Will not harm animals
  • It repels the animal before they nibble on plants
  • Deer scram does not have an unpleasant odor to humans, but discourages unwanted animals from returning to the protected area
  • Deer scram biodegrades into high nitrogen organic nutrients

Deer Scram will keep deer off your plantings because it convinces deer that harm is nearby through their uncanny sense of smell. Deer Scram will change deer behavior. As they near the applied barrier of Deer Scram, deer actually alert to a sense of danger. Deer Scram is an organic, granular repellent with no chemicals or non natural additives. It also works well for rabbits and is guaranteed to ward off both deer and rabbits. Deer Scram works by emitting an odor only noticeable to certain animals, but not to humans. Deer Scram is sold ready to use and is simply sprinkled around the target plants or pots. 

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