Espoma Holly-Tone Plant Food 4-3-4 Granules All Natural Organic 8 Lb.

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Get more out of your acid-loving plants with Holly-tone from Espoma!

Key Product Features

  • Holly-Tone 4-3-4
  • The original acid loving plant food
  • Add organic matter to soil
  • Brown seaweed, harvested from cold waters then processed at low temperatures and dried
  • No mixing, no mess; environmentally safe

Holly-tone is a 4-3-4 formulated fertilizer created to feed evergreens and azaleas, but is effective on many more plants requiring acidic soils. This fertilizer is great for creating better blooms and larger, healthier foliage. Lasts long and slow-releases contents to feed your plants more efficient for a longer period of time. Holly-tone is appropriate for use by any level of gardener.

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Additional Information

Holly and Azalea Plant Food
Product Type:
Organic or Natural
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