Espoma SS16 16-Quart Organic Seed Starter Premium Potting Mix

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Help to ensure your seeds will thrive by planting them in the Espoma 16 qt. Organic Seed Starter Premium Potting Mix. This organic potting soil is specifically formulated for new growth and enhanced with myco- tone. Better ingredients mean stronger growth and larger, healthier, more resilient plants. Espoma Organic is composed of 80-90% Canadian sphagnum peat moss, perlite, limestone to adjust pH, and yucca extract. All natural, improves moisture retention, and promotes root growth for all seedlings, and cuttings. Invest in a seed starter you can trust today. 

Key Product Features 

  • For all seedlings and cuttings
  • Enhanced with myco-tone
  • All natural for organic gardening
  • Retains moisture and promotes root growth
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40 Reviews

  • 5
    Product was properly packaged.

    Product delivered and described as advertised. Great packaging to secure materials. Easy to open and use. Thank you .

  • 5
    The best seed starter

    I love using this organic seed starter for my fruits and vegetables. Can hardly wait to harvest from my garden. Esbenshades offers this product at a great price and arrived quickly.

  • 4
    If you want a fine product, you'll have to sift it.

    I had a gift certificate so I bought this. Nice product, but it had some stones, twigs and the peat is chunky. I have garden sieves, so I brought it all down to fine fluffy medium. Makes a nice all purpose indoor potting soil.

  • 5
    great deal!

    I was convinced I was going to get a tiny bag for the price, but was pleased to see these were in fact large bags of seed starter. They were shipped super fast and I am one happy customer!

  • 5
    Great product

    Have used this before, does exactly what it's supposed to.

  • 5
    Best seed starter I have found!

    I like this seed starter mix, its is the best I have found. I think its lightweight and doesnt hold water like regular potting soil which is what you need so that the tender roots of your seedlings do no rot. I will continue to use this brand for all my gardening needs.

  • 5
    Easy to use

    Bought this to re-pot a couple of my plants that were 5 years old have previously changed the soil!!. Worked great and was enough soil that there was some leftover for next time I need to repot.

  • 5
    Nice fluffy potting mix, good results so far

    I am not an experienced gardner by any means, so I don't have much to compare this to other than commodity Miracle Grow potting mix that I used to buy. This stuff seems significantly superior, it's lighter, fluffier, and very little woody filler material like the Miracle Grow. It seems to do the job. I've germinated a wide variety of ordinary herbs in it, and it seems to result in better yield than anything else I've tried. I like it, plan to buy more once I use this up.

  • 4
    Good quality seed mix

    This is good quality potting mix. I would purchase this brand again.

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