Fancy Chicken

Fancy Chicken Manure, Pelleted Organic Chicken Poop Fertilizer, All-Natural Plant Food, USDA Organic

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With our perfect blend of nutrients and minerals to enhance plant growth, nature itself has created the perfect plant food!

Key Product Features

  • We have taken nature's perfection and enhanced it with beneficial natural biological enhancers
  • Our premium mix is 5-4-4 NPK, and our all purpose mix is 4-2.5-2 NPK, both provide comprehensive health for your garden or lawn.
  • The results in greener leaves and stronger roots that shows amazing results for all plants from lawn to all gardening. They become more resistant as the soil rebuilds itself, dramatically restoring the soil's defense mechanism and support system. This increases crop immune response which positively impacts yields and quality of the cash crop.
  • Can naturally compete, our pelleted chicken manure is easy to apply, lowers the need for pesticides, stimulates soil microbial life, build humus, increases water holding capacity, and increases Cationic Exchange Capacity (CEC) which is a plant’s ability to absorb positively charged minerals such as calcium and magnesium. All these benefits in just one bag.
  • Since our organic chicken manure comes in a dehydrated pellet form, it's very easy to apply on your lawn, garden, or farm. You can either spread by hand or use a push spreader, your vegetables, plants, flowers, fruits, and trees will thank you. Doesn't burn and children, pets, and wildlife safe too.

Fancy Chicken is a Washington-based organic, regenerative product. Since 2002, we have been working hard to develop an all-natural product that performs better than conventional. The result is a poultry-based manure mixture with added microbes that boost crop growth while avoiding synthetic additions of NPK. After extensive research, collaboration with soil experts, and in-field trials backed up by laboratory tests, we developed a pelletized version.

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