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Farm Tuff Double Wall Cone Top Hanging Galvanized Metal Automatic Poultry Fountain Waterer for Chickens

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This galvanized poultry fountain will keep your birds fully hydrated.

Key Product Features

  • Automatic waterers ensure a continuous, reliable, and clean source of water supply while reducing waste to accommodate the needs of your flock.
  • Crafted from a heavy-duty, double wall, galvanized metal that prevents dents, rust, and corrosion.
  • The unique double wall construction is designed with a vacuum to maintain constant water level.
  • Features a cone shaped top to prevent roosting with a handle top that locks into place for convenient and portable transport.
  • Hanging the feeder by its handle is also a convenient way to prevent chickens from spilling or contaminating the water, which is a common concern when placing it directly on the ground.
  • Made in Canada.

This galvanized metal, double-wall poultry fountain is ideal for a variety of birds including chickens, ducks, turkeys, and other game birds. The unique design of this poultry fountain uses a vacuum to maintain constant water levels. The lid is cone shaped to prevent roosting and features a handle top that locks into place for transporting. The durable construction of the fountain provides long-lasting performance due to the joints being rolled, instead of soldered to create tight fitting seams. 

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Additional Information

Chicken and Poultry
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Food, Feeders & Treats
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