FoxFarm (#FX14092) Grow Big Liquid Plant Food 6-4-4, Concentrate - 1 pint

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For lush vegetative growth, FoxFarm Grow Big concentrated liquid plant food is exactly what you need!

Product Details

  • NPK: 6-4-4
  • Delivers extra strength grow power with micronutrients
  • Fast acting, water soluble fertilizer for lush, vegetative, compact growth
  • Contains earthworm castings and Norwegian kelp to encourage sturdier, healthier stems and leaves
  • Provides enough nutrients and trace minerals to create the kind of healthy branching needed later in the season for more abundant buds and blooms

Get your garden going with Grow Big, FoxFarm liquid concentrate fertilizer that supports lush vegetative growth. This special brew is designed to enhance plant size and structure, allowing for more abundant fruit, flower and bud development. It is formulated with a low pH to maintain stability in storage and keep micronutrients available.

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